About Peter Herzog Photography

Professional Billings Montana Photographer


My name is Peter Herzog and I’m a professional photographer based in downtown Billings Montana. I specialize in Children Photography, Family Portraits, Professional Headshots, and Senior Pictures but these are just a few of the services I provide. Please see the Services page to view all the services I offer. Looking for fine art prints? Take a moment to browse my online gallery store.


Contact me directly at 253.310.6380 to schedule a studio photography shoot or to purchase images. I look forward to hearing from you.

About Peter

Peter Herzog, born in 1943 in Coburg Germany

Barn near Billings

I came to the United States in 1952. Being an Army Brat I’ve lived in many places. I’m a Vietnam Vet (1968). Graduated from college in Montana with a B.S in Business Administration. I lived in Montana until 1999, at which time moved to the Seattle, WA area to be the controller of a mechanical insulation company until Feb. 2011. Moved to Arizona for a couple of years but found it to be too hot in the summer. Moved back to Billings MT in 2014.

About 11 years ago I received a black and white portrait for Christmas of my nephew, and that is what got me started in photography. With that one picture, I felt a connection with the black and white image. I knew at that instant, that I wanted to be a photographer and capture images that will allow me freeze those moments and feelings in time.

Wild Truck (2 of 2)-2
Horse by Fence_

Approach to Photography

Photography is all about the subject, composition & light

In addition to all of that, I want my images to convey emotion. The world we live in is not a perfect place and some of my images will show that.


I try and tell it like it is through photography. That being said, I also want to bring out the beauty that we find in nature.


The great feeling we get when looking at a majestic landscape, a bright and colorful sunset in the Southwest, the blue-green ocean waves crashing into rocky shores, puppies, kittens and babies.


A lot of us look at the world around us through rose-colored glasses and only see what we want to see. Hopefully through my images, people will get a chance to see and feel the world the way it really is.